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Video to MP3 conversion addon for your web browser

has developed an easier way to use our service. Our Tool bar addons provide Video to mp3 conversion right from your web browser. On the video service providers website, a link will appear above the video you would like to convert. Simply click on that link and your conversion will begin. This completely avoids the copy and paste requirement and makes the entire process more efficient and user friendly. Our toolbar addons are constantly being updated to improve the experience of our users. provides the best Youtube to mp3 addons for every browser.

  • Download Chrome extension for YouTube to MP3 Download

    Chrome extension

    Instructions: Click the Add to Chrome button to add our extension.

  • Download

    Firefox extension

    Instructions: The addon adds a link to various video service pages to facilitate direct conversion. Install the Firefox extension from here as the one in the Mozilla Firefox Addons is out of date.

  • Download Safari extension for YouTube to MP3 Download

    Safari extension

    Instructions: You must be running Safari 5 or later to install this properly. If you still have problems, right-click to save it to your desktop as extension.safariextz and install it that way.

Testimonial user 1

Video2mp3's toolbar feature is not only convenient, but also a time saver for heavy users to the software. Already embedded into videos able to convert, the feature allows for very quick turn around even if using the site with full advertising. I'm a strong supporter of the feature and share it with everyone because it does save time from having to copy, paste, open a new web page, paste, and go back and forth through the process. Quick. Simplified...and MAINSTREAMED! Exactly what I expect out of video2mp3 and exactly what it does for community users! Thanks for the toolbar!

Testimonial user 2

Being able to click on a link that directly starts the video2mp3 conversion is really handy. No more multiple-step process of opening a new window to reach, going back to the video page, copying the link, navigating back to the video2mp3 window, and pasting! It's really convenient, quick, and efficient. My only complaint is that at first, I didn't notice the link that got added on above the videos I watched because it was so unobtrusive.

Testimonial user 3

I really love using Video2mp3's addons. It's THE fastest available way to convert my favourite youtube video's (such as music!) to mp3. Just one click and it will start downloading, and it'll be done in just a few seconds. I use it almost every day - it is so much faster then searching online for a song, only to download it and find out it's not what you're looking for. It's by far my favourite addon, and it's free.